The First World Tea of 2006

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The First World Tea of 2006

News Release

-As long as you have good tea,no mator where your tea comes-


Although the tea of Taiwan originated from mainland China, it has surpassed its predecessors to become one of the most important commodities in the tea market of the world. Since the famous Formosa Wulong Tea of the 19th century, many other types of tea, such as the modern Wulong Tea, Gaoshang (Mountainous) Tea, Baozhong (Lightly Fermented) Tea, Dongfang Meiren (Asian Beauty) Tea, have followed suit to become known internationally. As the saying goes, “Taiwanese Tea, Worldly Fragrance”, be it the quality or the nurturing of the tea plants, the superior output of the Taiwanese tea culture has made its name around the world.

 Within the country, the various “Tea Competitions” mark the pride of the Taiwanese tea culture. From small unions in the countryside, small residential communities, to large social groups, all of them participate in the local seasonal tea competitions. The largest event of them all is hosted by the Agricultural Committee of Taiwan in search of the best tea in the country. Every year, tens of thousands of hopefuls bring their tea from all over the country to compete in this event for a chance to win and multiply the market value of their tea. Not only does this bring media coverage for the best tea in Taiwan, the competitions help to continuously improve the quality of the tea and drive the tea consumption market.

 However, despite the numerous tea competitions within the country, Taiwan has yet to see a competition of an international caliber. The Chinese, on the other hand, have very few local competitions, but are steadily making their name via various international competitions. Learning from this, the Taiwan Commercial Tea Guild Union, under the leadership of Chairman Lv Zhiqiang, was established to push for an international tea competition. As a result of their continuous valiant efforts, the year 2006 will witness the very first International Tea Competition, with the Union acquiring the authority to host the event. Not only is this a proud moment for Taiwan, it continues a legacy of the 19th century Taipei, being the renowned international “city of tea” at the time, to the same splendor in the 21st century.

 In order to broaden the representation, increase diversity and ensure objectiveness at the 2006 International Tea Competition, some of the restrictions from the competition have been lifted. Regardless of the tea farmer, tea brand, or any other qualifications, as long as the applicants are citizens in the world in possession of high quality tea, then they are welcome to join. This also means that their nationality, gender, age, and profession no longer matters. As a result, the number of nations taking part in this competition has increased to 25 countries, and an estimated 2000 or more different types of tea will enter the competition. Thus, the never-before-seen scale of the 2006 International Tea Competition will be a great addition to the history of the tea culture. 

Furthermore, the competition will also invite experts, researchers, retailers, and art lovers of the tea culture to attend the event to provide a wonderful exchange opportunity. Not only will this establish Taiwan’s name in the world, the exchange will allow the competitors to learn from one another and develop even better quality tea. Of course, an event of such a scope will undoubtedly accelerate the techniques of tea making and drive the tea culture to new heights. As such, Taiwan can demonstrate its potentials for tourism and attract more people to appreciate its unique cultures, thus further fueling its tourist industry.

 At the 2006 International Tea Competition, the tea will be divided into the six regular categories of green, white, yellow, plain, red, and black. The competition will follow the criteria of appearance, color tone, fragrance, taste, and tea residue to select the gold medalists (10%), silver medalists (20%), and bronze medalists (30%) in each division. There will also be an auction later on for the winners of the divisions and a prize of one million NT dollars for the winner with the best tea in the world.

 The 2006 International Tea Competition will have registrations taking place from April 1st to May 10th, and a collection period from May 10th to June 10th. The preliminary round will be from June 19th to 23rd with the hosting nation as the judicator. The second round will be from June 26th to 28th with various international experts as judicators. Both events will take place at the Lugu Committee. On August 12th, there will be a congratulatory ceremony and an auction to honor the chosen best tea of the world. The Chairman Lv Zhiqiang stresses that the judicators and judging panels will be under scrutiny to ensure a fair competition.  

The 2006 International Tea Competition begins to take applications starting in April. For more information, please contact the Taiwan Commercial Tea Guild Union at No.39, Lane 62, Taicheng Rd., Taoyuan City, Taoyuan County 330, Taiwan (phone: 03-3355890), or the similar local committees. Also, you may place your inquiries at


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